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Re: WSRO sold

At 11:29 AM 4/17/98 +0000, Dan Strassberg wrote:

>The right wingers keep crying about liberal-leftist media control. Umm,
>don't look now, but methinks they protest way too much! Look who controls
>radio locally. And the situation in MetroWest is FAR from unique. In fact,
>it's typical of the situation throughout the country.

I would say that the media tended to be a bit left of center until the
mid-ish 80s, but agree that today it seems to be (with the exception of
NPR, which is still rather leftist) rather right-leaning.

I think much of the whining about "liberal media" was justified in the
80s...the mood of the public had shifted to a more conservative direction,
and it took the media a while to catch up.  Eventually, the public mood
will swing back left again & there will be complaints about how right-wing
everything is.