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Martin, since you are on the South Shore, you can tune in the Plymouth AM
station to listen to Red Sox games or whatever sports they run. That was my
main point; there are other small AM affiliates who also run sports so there
is no need to run sports on the clear channels or bigger AMs. To remind the
rest of the list, I was commenting on the fact that the Paula Jones lawsuit
had just been thrown out and there was not one station talking about it
because sports was on all the AM signals. I am a Red Sox fan; and when I am at
work, I will sometimes listen to the games, but if a major news/political
event happens, that needs to be discussed, and there are no stations talking
about it, where is our community? Sports is entertainment, in some could say,
should take second place to important news stories. Granted, the Jones case
being thrown out was not like nuclear attack. But with the way we worship
sports and athletes, one has to wonder. 

Just my $2, as someone else on the list cleverly states, 


In a message dated 98-04-10 23:39:46 EDT, mwaters@wesleyan.edu writes:

<<       On the South Shore, signals like WNFT are just plain bad. Even in the
 daytime, it's thin (and I'm a kindly person). At night, forget it, and for
 play-by-play sports, that is the time that matters. And the same goes at
 night for WPZE and all the rest except the big four -- 590, 680, 850 and
 1030. 1510? Well, maybe, if you're using a radio that's good enough to keep
 out the splash from WWKB and WTOP. But even in the daytime, 1510 doesn't
 really sound right in some areas out to the south. It has a sort of
 shortwave signal quality to it and does not at all measure up when compared
 to the big four.