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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

At 04:44 PM 4/4/98 -0500, NORIAC@mln.lib.ma.us wrote:

>Subject: Re: Opie & Anthony
>Today (Saturday) on channel 5's noon newscast, one of the items was about
> Opie & Anthony of WAAF. I came out of the bathroom as the story ran, so I
> didn;t cvtch the beginning of it, but the part I heard said "this is the
> second time they've been suspended for actions on their show", which means
> they are under suspension. I didn't catch how long the suspension was.
>Suspension? I would have expelled them!

I think you're missing the point here.  WAAF wants very badly to be
considered a Boston station, and they're playing the old game of doing
something outrageous that's "newsworthy"...it's publicity money can't buy.
Say-whatever-you-want-about-me-but-spell-my-name-right.  In these jaded
times, it's getting harder and harder to break thru the clutter.  The old
"dj locks himself in the studio and plays the same song for 12 hours" trick
might have been cool in 1963, but it's pretty lame today.  Look at the
hysteria Orson Wells caused with his "War Of The Worlds".  Is there really
a difference here?

I'm not saying I condone stunts like this, but I smell a publicity stunt to
get the jocks' and WAAF's names in the paper.  My guess is that station
management approved of the thing from the start, and the "suspensions" are
part of the act. Consider the target audience here....these guys are Stern
wannabees, and make no bones about it.