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Re: Parenteau on WRKO

At 18:46 on  4 Apr 98 Anthony Schinella wrote:

> I wonder why he bothers to fly up to Boston just to do two hours on
> WRKO when he has a full time gig in NYC.

Because maybe, just maybe, he believes a deal's a deal.  He probably
still has a place in the Boston area that he commutes to every
weekend and goes into 'RKO for a couple of hours while he's in town.
Where's the big personal sacrifice in that?  However, I would expect
him to reassess the situation by the time WRKO's new owner takes 

> I mean, it's great if you've got two gigs but its kind of
> selfish when you consider all the out of work talkers in Boston.

I don't think opening up a couple of hours on Saturday nights will 
make much of a dent in the talk jock unemployment rate in Boston.

Take care,