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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

I think there are some holes in your assumptions but, they are interesting. To
start, Brudnoy and Raleigh aren't going anywhere on WBZ. There is no need for
a 24/7 News station in a town that practically shuts down at 11pm. More than
likely, they will keep WBZ as is (they are number one, why mess with it). As
for the sports, according to my sources, the Celtics DO NOT want to be on the
same station as the  Sox or the Bruins. So another station will have to be
made available for them. I also don't think that CBS will need a simulcast for
sports since most of the games can be heard on other stations around the
region. If they stuck sports on WNFT, which more than covers the metro Boston
area, they would have no need to put it on an FM simulcast because I am sure
that TAG or PLM or whoever will also broadcast the games. 

In a message dated 98-04-03 13:03:29 EST, NORIAC@mln.lib.ma.us writes:

<< Subject: CBS/ARS Divestment.
 I brought this subject up a couple of months back, but with the CBS/ARS
  merger finished, I wish to bring it up again.
 The subject is, for those who missed it, whether CBS might sell-off the
  850 frequency but NOT the WEEI call letters or programming.
 If CBS keeps WNFT-AM, I can forsee the folowing:
 (1) CBS keeping the WEEI call letters and programming, which would NOT be
  sold with 850.
 (2) WNFT is re-named WEEI.
 (3) Due to WNFT's signal area, one of CBS' Boston FM's (probably WZLX,
  as it's the lowest-rated of the FM stations CBS will get to keep) is
  re-named WEEI-FM.
 (4) 1150 and the FM (probably 100.7) would simulcast a sports format 24
  hours a day. If CBS keeps WVEI in Worcester, it would be heard there as
 (5) Since CBS would NOT sell-off the sports programming when selling-off
  850, the new WEEI AM/FM (1150/100.7?) would air ALL FIVE Boston-area pro
  teams (red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Revolution) with conflicts
  handled by a combination of WBZ-FM and/or WBCN-FM and/or WODS-FM.
 (6) This would allow more news (perhaps even 24/7--if WBZ could "sell off"
  the Brudnoy and Raleigh contracts to an existing talk outlet [WRKO?],
  even if it's a different owner) on WBZ.
 (7) And the FM signal would compensate for the weak 1150 signal--until, as
  some members of this newsgroup have suggested, a new 1150 transmitter site
  could be built which would allow an increase to 50,000 watts (perhaps with
  CBS buying other 1150's on the east coast to shut them down). Once a more
  powerful 1150 signal is achived, CBS may no longer need an FM simulcast.
 Does anyone think this idea can really work? Let me know by posting to
  this newsgroup.
 Joseph Gallant >>