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Subject: Re: Guy Gannett Sale

>From: "TERRY M WOOD" <TERRY_WOOD@prodigy.net>
>Subject: Re: Guy Gannett Sale
>Chris, BDN the circulation leader?  they only cover from Bangor North,
>hardly a leader in circulation.  The Press Herald covers the entire >state from Fort Kent to Kittery, South of Augusta, you would be hard >put to find the BDN at any morning news stand.  I think that it shows >up in Portland at Joes around 1 or 2 pm.


I beleive Chris is right, somehow the BDN is bigger.  The PPH does very
little coverage up north.  The BDN does have some people up this way who
filee a few reports each day, but it's mostly a few town meetings and
car accidents from days ago.  The normal schedule is for the 'county'
edition that we get delivered each morning, rolls off the press around 6
or 7 pm the night before.  You can actually pick one up at the plant in

The Paula Jones story must have just barely made deadline for today.
They still sell lots of papers, mainly because that's all there is.

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