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CBS turns its back on AM in Boston

Yeah, I know that CBS will still have WBZ (if not the top biller in the
market, then close--and WNFT, which has to be dead last), but I imagine that
CBS got to pick which of the ex-ARS Boston properties it would retain,
provided it lived up to the DoJ's guidlines on market share. So CBS must
have made a conscious decision to divest itself of WRKO or WEEI instead of
WZLX, for example. So now who are the most likely candidates to buy the two
major AMs? Obviously they will go to whomever offers the largest amount of
money, but who is that likely to be? It sounds to me as if this is yet one
more chapter in the saga of the decline of AM. I'm not sure that a buyer
could do much worse in programming these stations than the current
management is doing (particularly at WRKO), but I bet we find out soon
enough how much worse these stations can get. 

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