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Re: new Boston Arbitrons?

> behold, it was written:
> >In Boston: Arbitron has decided to redefine the market and will
> >the Boston and Worcester markets, making Boston the nation's sixth-
> >market...
> Is this really going to happen?  It had been rumoured for ages... I
> how the Worcester folks ( many of whom had tried so hard to go their
own way
> and NOT be perceived as Boston stations) feel about this... 

Hmmm...I woulda thought that most of the Worcester stations *want* to be
percieved as Boston stations....WAAF certainly seems to want to...

It appears their thinking is "We've made as much dough in the worcester
market as e can.  To make any more, we have to grab some ad dollars from


(BTW...Good to see you back Donna!  You tough-skinned cyber-warrior!)