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Re: Spelling/grammar/etc.

Bruce wrote--
>Have BIG problems with grammar/spelling/etc. in formal work such as 

Oh you should see some of the cover letters I get from people looking for
work. And these are kids from allegedly "good colleges".  Some day, I'll
collect the best mistakes and write a book... somewhere along the line,
colleges decided retention was more important than learning.  The issue is
more complicated than that, of course-- athletes are routinely passed, as
many newspaper reporters have told us; but I have even been told to pass
certain foreign students-- the ones who are paying full tuition-- gotta keep
those bodies in the seats, ya know... 

Before you blame liberals, ebonics, or whatever, consider this.  I tried to
gain acceptance to MIT (not exactly a bastion of poetry and basketweaving)
for their doctoral program.  They turned me down, and the letter they sent
telling me I had not been accepted spelled the word "receive" wrong.  I
e-mailed to ask for a meeting, and the response had six (!) spelling errors
in it.  Gives one a warm feeling about the future of education...