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Re: David Brudnoy

In a message dated 98-03-29 17:02:11 EST, markbeth@netway.com writes:

<< This morning,while flipping through the channels on TV,I came across on
 C-SPAN 2,a Libertarian Party meeting that was held at the Sheraton Needham
 Hotel,featuring keynote speaker(as superimposed on screen)David Brudnoy
 Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host.(I bet David doesn't even know he's
 syndicated!!)<g>Looks like the C-SPAN folks didn't check their facts,or
 they didn't want to give a free mention to WBZ.   >>

My mother in law says she hears Brudnoy down in Philadelphia--and not on WBZ!
She insists his show is played back in the morning on a station down there,
but she doesn't know which one.  I wonder if CBS is taping his show and
allowing other CBS stations (possibly WPHT 1210) to run it the following day?
I dunno.

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks