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Re: where are the proofers???

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Shel Swartz wrote:

> What kind of example are stations setting these days?  I have a feeling that
> a portion of the blame is the demise of the pride that once went hand in
> hand with journalism and newscasting - both in radio and TV.  

I have the feeling that it's part of a general sloppyness in society,
caused, I think, bu the decline of the education system and by specific
education doctrines which hold that educating the child's psyche is more
important than making him or her learn rules.

Now that I'm an old-timer at the bar, I find a distressing increase in the
sloppyness of legal filings and even judicial opinions.  With the latter,
it often is a result of the fact that courts are overworked and
understaffed.  But even so, the willingness of anyone to pay attention to
getting things right seems to be declining.

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