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Nostalgia "Radio w/pictures" on Cable (Wireless w/wires!)

Once again I may p.o. the Listmaster, but here goes:
Wireless with wires(cable) is showing(radio w/pictures) the following
Nick at Nite will air the first episode/pilot of each of 11 Classic Shows
starting at 8:30PM tonight (Wed nite):
The Wonder Years 8:30
I Love Lucy 9:00
Mary Tyler Moore 9:30
Bewitched 10:00
Happy Days (actually from "Love American Style) 10:30
Taxi 11:00
Newhart 11:30
Dick VanDyke midnight
The Odd Couple 12:30
Rhoda 1:00
Bob Newhart Show 1:30

Does anyone else DX AM through one-channel of headphones with TV audio on
the other channel? (It is transparent to the wife and kids so everyone's happy!)
Maybe we can convince TV to put AM on the SAP of MTS Stereo Telecasts? :)