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WMUR-TV, Channel 9

     If I recall correctly, WMUR-TV did not switch to full-local color until
early 1973.  Only network, low-band vtr, slides and film were in color.  I
recall seeing only color cartoons (Popeye and Friends) during the "Uncle Gus"
show.  The local breaks were still in  black and white as late as 2/73.  In
May, 1973, I checked out their 6:00 news and and was "shocked" to see it was
in COLOR !  In 1971, I remember seeing a local videotaped ad for a local bank
in black and white.
     In one afternoon in 2/73, Channel 9 ran it's usual line-up of "Uncle Gus"
and other shows WITHOUT audio ! Apparently, the audio exciter died for some
"we have lost our SOUND !".  Hmmmmmm.  Very good, guys.

     I am sure that the folks at WMUR-TV tried their best in those days, in
considering what table scraps Old Man Eaton was feeding them for pay and
lack of an equipment budget.  United was a lousy operator.  The guys at Channel
9 should be commended on what they were able to do with such substandard
equipment and such a pitiful budget for many years.  I, for one, salute them.

     It's amazing how much Channel 9 has come of age, today.  Imes has done
wonders with that station.

- -Pete-

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