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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 3/19 in N.H.

At 10:21 AM 3/21/98 -0500, Eric Jacobs wrote:
>As someone who takes pride in being a broadcaster (as we all do), how
>can the station owner(s) and/or management let badly done radio out to
>the public? I am not familiar with WSMN, and I'm not singling them out
>(ever hear the syndie talk on WKXL on Saturday mornings?),but what kind
>of radio people are these to allow bad board-op's etc to work there?

Alas, finding someone who will reliably show up every Sunday at 6AM to run
"The Best Of Charles Osgood" or "You And Your Spleen" for $5.25/hr isn't
easy. Sometimes ya gotta take what you can get.