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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 3/19: More Layoffs in N.H.

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From: Scott D Fybush <fybush@world.std.com>
To: nerw@bostonradio.org <nerw@bostonradio.org>
Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998 9:36 PM
Subject: NorthEast Radio Watch 3/19: More Layoffs in N.H.

>*Once again, NEW HAMPSHIRE tops this week's news -- and again, it's
>because of job cuts in Granite State radio.
>It's not just Capstar, though; down the Everett Turnpike in Nashua,
>five staffers at WSMN (1590) are out of work, including longtime WSMN
>personalities John Halbert and Nick Diamond.  New PD Ned Crecilius (of
>WADN Concord MA) is installing a local talk format at WSMN, with hosts
>including Woody Woodland, a former sportscaster and salesman at the
>late WOTW-FM (106.3).

FYI, Woody Woodland was at WMVU (900/Nashua) prior to their dumping "local
talk", in fact at the same time period he now has a WSMN.
Also, Woody is the "voice" of Pinkerton Academy Football and Basketball (HS
in Derry NH) on WDER/1320 in Derry.

- -Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH


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