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Sports talk

On 19 March 1998 at 11:25 p.m., you wrote:

>There are only two sports talk shows I find truly entertaining.  One is Mike
>and the Mad Dog on WFAN.  Even though they discuss New York sports, They
>combine genuine sports knowledge with entertainment, something that few in the
>sports talk format know how to do.  The show is well produced and the callers
>are carefully screened to allow the talent to shine, which is something that
>sports radio in these parts can't seem to master.

Agree totally there. If only "The Big O" knew how to replicate that feat on
WEEI. (If only WEEI was smart enough to just air the New York show

>The other show I like, and it's not everyone's cup of tea, is Ferrell on the
>Bench.  The guy is an entertainer first, and the format is so different than
>most sports talk shows that it's compelling to listen to.  The heavy metal
>music and the grating voice will probably turn off most older listeners, but
>that's not his audience.  If your jazzed on java late one night, tune him
>in--he rocks.

He is interesting. Has grown on me. Unfortunately, picking him up on WFAN
has, for some reason, been more of a chore lately. (He also airs on the
Worcester sports station, but that is inaudible in Boston.)

I'll add a third to the list: Eddie Andelman. Hey, his fastball may have
lost a mile or two off of it, but it is still more entertaining than some
of the other trash which WEEI airs every day.

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