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Re: Red Sox on WHCT

> So WHCT interrupted its round-the-clock infomercials and religion for a
> 3-hour baseball silent movie, to the surprise of the station that was
> supposed to carry the game! Wow! This takes me back to the
> nickel-and-dime, tin-can-audio early days of Campbell Sports Network's
> radio deal, when WTIC regularly raised a stink about the substandard
> audio feeds.
When I was working at WHAV Haverhill from 1984-87,the station did not want
to spring the bucks for a 15 K line or a satellite dish(if Campbell Sports
Network was feeding to the bird then)so we received Sox and Bruins games
from a boombox tuned to 99.1 that was placed on top of the equipment rack
just outside the air studio.At times it made for some interesting
happenings,like the night that WPLR New Haven was overpowering and /or
dogfighting WPLM in mid game,had to go to plan B:feed over the phone from
WPLM!!Or another night when reception was poor at best,again Plan B in
effect.at the time I was there,they were running ABC/Satellite Music
Network's AC format nights and weekends.How did they do this without a
dish?A trade with the local Cable TV provider.They got spots all over the
log day,night,holiday,etc.in exchange for them receiving the network's feed
at their head end,which was then fed to the HAV studio via 15K line.The
newsroom also had free basic cable hookup too!!                            
                                                             Mark Watson