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Re: WCLZ sold

In a message dated 98-03-18 08:11:04 EST, Dan Billings wrote:

<< >The current CLZ GM brags about how they do no music research.  They just
 play what they think sounds good, which is true.  Unfortunately, the results
 >this are mixed and the quality of the station's music selections has had no
 >consistency over time.  It is programming by whim.  <snip>

Then Bill wrote:
 WCLZ was _the_ station I would tune to whenever in ME back in the early 80s.
 Went very well by the campfire.  It seemed to slide center then I lost
 BTW, whatever happened to the syndi music show called "Musical Starstreams"?
 (Another camping companion) Is it still going?
 Bill O'Neill >>

It must have been late 1980s because WCLZ was a boring AC station until 1986,
when they changed to what was then called "New AC" and is now called AAA.  The
station first veered off course when Doug Tanger bought it in 1987 and Clark
Schmidt was his consultant and took the station too mainstream.  The station
got back on course after about six months and has had fits and starts
formatically ever since.

Musical Starstreams was still on the station Sunday night at 10:00 pm last
time I checked.   That's one show that I could never understand.  It was a
pretty easy show to run on my old Sunday evening shift though with just two
shortsteps per hour.

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Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine