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Ends and Odds

- -- [ From: Robert W. Paine * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

 Item 1: Can someone give me the URL for the UHF-TV history site? I
believe it's called Channel 1 or something similar.

 Item 2: WTIC radio had several loose-leaf binders with station history
going back to its planning stages in 1924. The person I spoke to there
knows nothing of their being. Anyone have any knowledge of what may have
happened to them? They were at the station during the time Perry Ury was

 Item 3: Donna may want to field this question. Was the WJZB-TV 14
studio-transmitter building on Mt. Asnebumskit the same structure that
housed the Yankee Network's W43B/WGTR-FM transmitter?

 Item 4: Are there any recordings of local coverage of the Cocoanut
Grove fire or of any newscasts from Yankee? I'd love to hear "News While
It Is News" again.

 Item 5: After the WBZ-WBZA swap in 1931 did WBZA (Springfield)
originate much programming for the two stations? Are there any
recordings of the dual ID's?

 Item 6: I have some historical information on WJOR, Bangor 1946- 1949
and am interested in an exchange with anyone who has info on this or
other Bangor stations. I'm particularly interested in studio diagrams.