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Here's how Manchester's FM history played out:

1) WMUR FM (licensed to Governor Francis M. Murphy) signed on December
21, 1947 at 95.7mc.  It aired separate programming from WMUR AM (610kc,
which later became WGIR).  WMUR FM's transmitter & tower were atop Mt.
Uncanoonuc in Goffstown; Murphy's former vacation home was equipped so a
staff of engineers could sleep and work there in shifts.  WMUR FM's
program schedules appeared for the last time in the Manchester newspapers
on September 15, 1950.  The FCC deleted the license January 3, 1951. 
Like many early FM stations, Murphy's was ahead of its time. 
Incidentally, when Murphy put Channel 9 on the air in March, 1954, its
transmitter was in the same building and its stick was the old FM tower.

2) WKBR FM was born October 2, 1947, a year to the day after its AM
sister.  Scott Killgore, William J. Barkley and Bill Rust were the
owners.  It's original frequency was 100.1.  WKBR FM moved to 95.7mc
(WMUR FM's former location) on September 26, 1956.  While it originated
separate programs in the early days, WKBR FM spent most of the sixties
simulcasting AM.  The FM subcarrier was used, however, to feed hourly
newscasts to the other "Good Neighbor" stations (WTSL Lebanon, WTSV
Claremont, WTSN Dover, WKBK Keene, WEMJ Laconia...at various times), and
later provided a background music service for office subscribers.  The
calls were changed to WZID on June 8, 1971.  On May 21, 1975, WZID's
license was bought by The Radioactive Group (Bruce Lyons/Jim McCann).

3) WGIR FM was Norman Knight's creation.  He bought WGIR AM from Emile
GIRolimon in 1961.  He gave it an FM sister at 101.1mc (though his
original request was for 101.3) on June 5, 1963.  The calls were changed
to WNHS from April 6, 1969 to February 14, 1972.  [Coincidentally,
Knight's Portsmouth FM was born as WHEB in 1964, though the calls were
changed to WPFM from March 13, 1967 to August 31, 1971.]

In fact, 101.1mc has had three tenants...WMUR FM, WKBR FM and WGIR
FM...three distinct companies.

You earn extra bonus points if you already knew that WFEA once made a bid
for an FM frequency.  Owner Harry M. Bitner (no relation to Bob Bittner)
filed the application in October 1945 and won a conditional grant in
January, 1947.  The October '47 issue of "FM & Television" magazine
listed Bitner as licensee for a new station, WVMA, 3.4kw at 101.1mc!  On
February 18, 1948 Bitner unexpectedly sold WFEA to New Hampshire
Broadcasting Company (Henry & Morris Silver) who chose not to pursue the
FM.  The FCC deleted WVMA in October '48, without it ever having gone on

Dang--almost had a fourth occupant on 101.1!

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