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Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.

At 04:19 AM 3/18/98 EST, ASchinella wrote:
>I remember years of growing up in Concord, NH and having friends listen to
>WGIR-FM because it was the only decent "rock" signal around. Their
>relentlessly boring "Block Party Weekends" were the worst; I swear they would
>play the same 6 songs by the Stones or the Who, every weekend, over and
>over... Ugh.

I was talking to (now former) WGIR-FM PD Tim Sheehan at last fall's NHAB,
and asked him why they still did them.  He agreed that it sounded straight
out of 1982, but apparently they'd tried doing away with them for a while a
few years back and their weekend numbers went right down the toilet.  You
do what works.

>As far as WHEB, they would at least play new rock music when it came out.
>Unfortunately, during the early 80s, their playlists consisted of every bad
>glam hair band that put out a record, but occasionally, they would throw in a
>tune which was then termed "college radio." 

As little use as I have for hard rock, I always thought 'GIR did a better
job. The station always seemed to have a personality.  'HEB was AC until
'83 or '84, and when they switched just sounded like a low budget version
of 'GIR to me...it was obvious that Knight was just trying to duplicate
WGIR's success in Portsmouth.  It looks as if they succeeded too well.