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Re: Roger LaLiberti/Gene Rousseau

Shel Swartz wrote:

> Does anyone know what happened to Roger LaLiberti, formerly of
> WWON/Woonsocket, who I believe was a cop, but had a great voice which he did
> news on WWON, plus a French show on weekends.
> Also miss Gene Rousseau, morning drive guy, on, as he used gto say,
> "dub-yoo, dub-yoo....o - n".  He must be 100 years old by now, and I
> considered him the Carl DeSuze of Woonsocket!
> Both Gene and Roger were there at least around 1972.  I also miss a guy
> called Mario J. Brunetti, who worked at then-1380/WNRI.  He and I became
> friends, and he had a bassoo profundo voice!
> Shel Swartz
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  Alas, I believe that lovable ol' Gene "Schools are open this morning ...
GEEEET UPPPPP!" Rousseau passed on in the late 70's - early 80's.  Roger still
hosts a Saturday French program on WNRI - but I haven't heard any other programs
he may be currently doing.  When Roger was on WWON (now WOON), he used to do
news and talk shows.