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Re: Archives, Channel 7 and stuff

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> Date: Saturday, 14-Mar-98 08:31 AM
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> Subject: Re: Archives, Channel 7 and stuff
> On Sat, 14 Mar 1998 02:38:47, -0500 LJNF40D@prodigy.com (BUMP MARTIN)
> writes:
> >(We won't talk about Brad Holbrook!  Actually a NICE GUY...with even
> nicer hair...but not a real 'authoritative' delivery on the air...)
> Why won't we talk about Brad?  He's on Channel 3 in Hartford.

The local papers (& columnists) did a number on Brad when he was in town
.  Most of the reason was that he worked for 'Channel 7'...which at the
time was much maligned
by the papers as well.  

I think I remember one columnist referring to him as "the anchor with
the best 'hair'"...referring to his somewhat modern cut....much
different that the 'nerd' cuts that many 'old-fogey' anchors at the time

Channel 7 tried to give the newscast a shot of news integrity by adding
John Henning as co-anchor (Now at Channel 4)....  To me they looked like
"father and son"...rather than colleagues.

Just my $.02