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Re: Licensed Pirate Radio??

In a message dated 98-03-14 11:43:23 EST, Dib9@aol.com writes:

>  Bob Bitner was telling me that  the FCC has recently
>raised license fees significantly and they base them on the number of people
>served by a station.  As a result, little WJTO has to pay a big fee because
>the station's great daytime signal.  I don't remember the specific dollar
>amount, but it was a lot for a stand alone, AM daytimer.

Some sample FCC Regulatory Fees:
WABC - $2,000.
WBZ  -  $2,000.
WADN -  $1,400 I think
WJTO - $1,400  
WNEB - $1,000.
all of this based on each station's 0.5 mv.m coverage area; a worthless figure
since a station must have about a 7.0 signal in order to combat all the new
electric noice (cell phones, etc) now with us.    They chargeth us but don't
protect us.
- ----jibguy