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Re: Clutch Cargo (ehhhh....yuck !)

At 08:40 PM 3/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>     Channel 56 had these really awaful cartoons for many years from the
>time they returned to the air in 1966 until the early 70's.  In addition,
>they had a few Japanese produced cartoons like "Speed Racer" (he's a demon
>on wheels !), "Kimba, the White Lion", "Gigantor", "Astro Boy" (in the
>original black and white prints) as well as "Eight Man".

I recently found an 8-track that my uncle had recorded of WLVI from 1978,
featuring audio of "Great Space Coasters" and other cartoons. Included are
commercials (one for Mickey Mouse's Disco Nursery Rhymes), some Capt.
Kangaroo, and some promos ("Here in Boston, the kids' choice is - Channel
56!"). I only wish my uncle had sprung for a VCR rather than wiring his
8-track into the TV speaker. It still makes pretty good listening, though. I
also have audio of "Bozo" somewhere...

                                                        - Keith Barry