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Re: Licensed Pirate Radio??

> The FCC is looking into possibly licensing on AM and one FM channel in
> each locale to be used by "microbroadcasters". The proposal would
> a number of 1 watt AM or FM stations to serve an area of a mile or two
> CB on the broadcast bands. "10-4 good buddy".

My sentiments exactly.  BTW...If they are *licensed*...are they still

Seems though that this issue of "pirates" is coming to a head.  The FCC
seems to have done nothing about this issue and let
'microbroadcasters/pirates' operate for the last few years with impunity
....*now* they are having trouble shutting them down...
And some statements from the FCC in recent years have showed they are
actually entertaining the thought of allowing some sort of 'pirate'
broadcasting..... (See last Fridays USA Today ...a week ago Friday)

And we have a liberal judge in Berkley (ala Radio Free Berkley) who has
disagreed with the FCC an issued an injunction letting the pirate stay
on the air.  

While the Pirate makes a good case that it is so difficult for the
average citizen...or even the wealthy citizen to be awarded and/or a
broadcasting station...it has left the radio dial to the 'corperate-

The fear I have is the AM/FM broadcast bands becoming CB-like...and a
new ground for hobbyist and radicals to promote their views.  (Again,
see the USA Today story about *who* is doing the 'pirate' broadcasting
these days....)

Just my $.02.