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Portsmouth Radio Update

In a message dated 98-03-13 10:28:53 EST, rkirk@videoserver.com writes:

<< Regarding WQSO (96.7 Rochester, Imus & oldies) having a poor signal...
 I would disagree.  I get them solidly in Ossipee (30 miles north) and
 going south on 125, they are solid into Kingston, beyond that they get
 a little splatter from 96.9 in Boston, but are receivable into Salem. >>

WQSO has a decent signal in the north and western parts of the metro, but it
is spotty throughout the rest of the area.  I agree that the station has
flipped formats a lot, but unless you have a decent signal, and basically
WHEB, WOKQ and WERZ have the best, Seacoast FM's have a difficult time of it.

<<The old problem of information being obsolete as soon as you put it on
paper is at work here.  I am listening to WXHT 95.3 York "The Heat"
(modern hits, not to be confused with WCYY-style modern rock)
and they are reporting that this is their last show (the whole morning
team) and they don't know what's next for them or the station.>>

The WXHT airstaff has been let go by Capstar.  They allowed them to say
goodbye today.  Rumors are that 95.3 will stay in the format but be satellite
delivered, or they may flip to some form of alternative.

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks