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Re: WBZ archives & WAPE

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>Didn't one of the networks use the command-center set from 
>War Games or something as its election-night news set 

On Fri Mar 13, Mike Hemeon wrote:
>CBS used a "virtual set". This is a nifty chroma key set that 
>has a gizmo that mounts on the cameras and adds a Z-axis to 
>the X and Y- Axis so the talent appears to be moving around a 
>wall of graphics.

   I'm not certain on the technology - although I suspect a kind 
of greenscreen with post-produced component chromakey - but
NBC also created 3 dimensional virtual reality sets a few 
years back for their short-lived news magazine, "Yesterday 
Today and Tomorrow". 
   I don't know anything about network use of the "War Games" 
command-center set. The only anecdotal "set-use" story that 
comes to mind was the use of a Grass Valley 300 video
switcher as a control panel in "Star Wars". (Of the "Millennium 
Falcon", perhaps?)

- - Henry Dane