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Re: the new emergency alert system.

     Sure, these unannounced EAS tests can be a pain in terms of program
continuity with the data bursts and what have you.  But frankly, c'est le
vie.  If a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert happens to be interrupted by
an EAS test, hey.... that's the nature of the beast.  There ARE some things
that are more important than some music selection..... such as emergency
weather statements, information for life and safety, Presidential statements
of national significance and whatever.  The only way to make the system work
is to do these unannounced tests to insure proper operation of all EAS 
equipment.  Sorry if "Stairway To Heaven" is interrupted with six data bursts
and an EOM tail, but we all have our crosses to bear.  If the FCC requires our
stations to do these tests, YOU DO IT......end of story.  If some people in
the audience do not like these tests...well....tough bananas.  As a licensee
with the Commission, you must uphold the rules in the Communications Act.....
not that fiasco from 1996 but the one that says that you must provide for
the "public interest, convenience and necessity" and that includes EAS.  If
you don't like it, turn in the license.

- -Pete-

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