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Re: your mail

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Sean P. Smyth wrote:

> Is it me, or have I been correct in noting that the Boston Globe seems to
> have cut back its radio column to biweekly instead of weekly? As if they
> did not provide enough coverage before. Even though it was rarely accurate,
> the column was always fun to laugh at. It is a shame that radio is
> receiving even less notoriety than before.
To be fair, their radio/lifestyle columnist Susan Bickelhaupt was in
France in late July covering Tour De France(and Belgium) race. She's back
now. And so is her regular Thursday column(Radio Tracks). 

If you're looking for good sources on what's going on in the market,
your best bet is probably to check the trades regularly. The Globe and
The Herald are fast becoming like one huge fax bulletin board from
stations' promotional departments and publcity "plants" from stations
managers(good example was yesterday's Herald story about city workers
listening to 'NFT's simulcast of 'AAF in their cars --
yeh, I can see lots of solid reporting in that story...:-) 

The best radio column is definitely not in Boston. New York's Daily News
radio guy David Hinckley is probably ahead of the pack as far local
radio market reporting goes(just check out this week's
brilliant report on the classic rock battle between WAXQ and WNEW). He
writes 3 columns(Tuedays,Thursdays, Saturdays) a week.

Speaking of NYC, Chancellor Media is fast becoming the King of The Big
Apple radio by adding a fifth city signal -- WDBZ "Buzz" 105.1FM -- via a
deal with Bonneville International announced yesterday which also includes
major frequency/format swap in LA and a buy of an oldies FM in Houston...

- -Mark