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According to this morning's Bangor Daily News, Finova Capital Corp., a New
Jersey based lender, has foreclosed on WVHA, the shortwave station operated
out of Scott's Corner (Greenbush), Maine.

The station had been operated since 1994 by Prophecy Countdown, Inc., a
Florida based Seventh Day Adventist Ministry.  The station was established by
the Christian Science Monitor in 1987 and sold in 1994.  The ministry had
been in financial trouble for the last year and had unsuccessfully tried to
sell the station.  Electricity was cut off for lack of payment two weeks ago
and the lender took possession this week.  According to the article, the
lender could have foreclosed a year ago, but delayed action hioping that the
station would be sold.  The station is apparently now dark.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine