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I was in western Washington County yesterday and 102.9 WHRR Dennysville was
on the air.  It was not on the air when I was in Washington County on July
10th.  WHRR was simulcasting 96.1 WQHR Presque Isle, which has a satellite
CHR (or Hot AC) format.  The thing that I found interesting was that all the
liners simply said "Q 96.1". The second frequency was only mentioned (very
quickly) during the legal ID.  They did have a liner saying to the effect "Q
96.1 - the only station with 200,000 watts of power."  They are, of course,
talking about their two 100,000 watt frequencies.

Another interesting point, I was just east of Ellsworth, about 90 miles from
WHRR's tower and WHRR was barely listenable and WBLM was often coming in over
it.  It seemed funny that that would happen if WHRR was putting out 100,000
watts.  WBLM's tower was about 140 miles away.  Any comments from those with
more technical knowledge?  

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine