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Re: WNFT simulcasting WAAF again?

At 03:13 AM 8/5/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Well, just when I was getting used to listening to the Red Sox on WNFT, 
>the WAAF simulcast was up again when I turned it on about 8:15 PM. Is 
>this temporary? What will ARS actually DO with this station - it has a 
>great signal and could be used for so many things! [snip] Or a 
>business radio format. With the demise of WBNW, that niche needs to be 

My impression is that it will be a cold day in Hell before we hear ARS doing
that. Older demos drive them bughouse. Do you remember when WMEX-1150
broadcast the Business Radio Network out of Colorado Springs, CO. Went on
for about a year in, maybe 1992 or so. Besides, if you live in W Concord of
E Acton, and you have a good radio, and reception conditions are ideal, you
can listen to Bloomberg for _Boston_ (in their dreams) AM-1120 (WADN).

My theory do jour on WNFT is that it will continue to //WAAF until ARS can
move the WAAF TX to the Channel 27 tower (in Hudson, is it?) to improve the
signal in Boston. Garrett Wollman and Scott Fybush have speculated about a
WAAF TX move. It appears to be in the works, though ARS has not yet applied
for it.

>was the WKOX transmitter ever 
>moved to the Dow plant site in Framingham?
It's in Wayland; and no, I have not even seen an application listed in M
Street Journal or on the FCC AM database. I suspect that before Fairbanks
files another application with the FCC, they want to get a green light from
the Town of Wayland.

The situation at WGNY, Newburg NY may have something to do with this. WGNY
has been operating on 1200 under STA (from 1220) for several years pending
environmental approval of its new TX site for the DA the station needed to
obtain a license on 1200. WGNY wrangled with the New York State authorities
and environmental groups and had nothing tangible to show for it. (I don't
think the station persued the case very vigorously; they didn't want to
spend the money on the new facilities.) A few weeks ago, the FCC pulled the
CP and ordered WGNY back to 1220. WGNY had repeatedly petitioned for an
Ex-band allocation but had not made the list. WGNY has now petitioned for
interim relief (presumably to remain on 1200) and is the only station not
allocated an Ex-band slot that has filed an application for Ex-band (1620).
WGNY's presence on 1200 was the original fly in the ointment for WKOX's
proposed ND daytime operation from the WNTN site in Newton. Scott also
reported that WNTN later thought better of its offer to share its
facilities. WKOX had then amended its application to specify DA-2 from its
current Framingham site.

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