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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

Re: Jewish ethnicity.

I'm Jewish. That's my religion, the religion of my grandmother (a
Ukrainian), my great-grandmother (a German), Moses (a North African),
Rod Carew (a Panamanian) and Sammy Davis Jr. (an American of African
descent). My ethnicity is American. IMO, attempts to lump us into a
monolithic ethnicity -- by Jews or non-Jews -- play right into the hands
of the New World Order/Protocols of Zion conspiracy types who see Jews
as a force attempting global domination.

There's no tie-in with radio here. For that I apologize. I'll go on
record, though, as siding with Mr. Carter, from WJLT. No station whose
format is Christian ought to be required to air programming of other