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WNFT simulcasting WAAF again?

Well, just when I was getting used to listening to the Red Sox on WNFT, 
the WAAF simulcast was up again when I turned it on about 8:15 PM. Is 
this temporary? What will ARS actually DO with this station - it has a 
great signal and could be used for so many things! A "WEEI - 2" format 
would be nice, with all the games that 'EEI doesn't have time for. Or a 
business radio format. With the demise of WBNW, that niche needs to be 
filled. Or what about leased time to non-religious broadcasters? Is that 
legal? Possibly a locally run full service? Maybe new age music? And, 
speaking of all the "wasted" stations, was the WKOX transmitter ever 
moved to the Dow plant site in Framingham?

					- Keith Barry