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Re: "Religious" Stations...(WAS: Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

>Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 21:14:14 -0400
>To: Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net>
>From: Wayne Carter <wcarter@mva.net>
>Subject: Re: "Religious" Stations...(WAS: Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)
>>At 04:02 PM 8/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Could it be the simply because most American's come from a Christian
>>>> I suspect the main reason for all the Christian broadcasters and so
>>>few other
>>>> religions is money.
>>>Not sure I understand your reasoning....  Do Christians have more money?
>     Let's all take one step back.....
>     If a request were made to WCRB to play some Led Zeppelin, they would
>naturally refuse.
>     Why?
>     Because that particular selection would be out of their chosen format.
>     Suppose for just one moment that that classical music was not the
>format you like to listen to; what do you do?
>     You don't listen to it!
>     Should we restrict classical music because it is a format you don't
>like, or because you couldn't get the classical station to play
>"Zeppelin"? Of course not!
>     Apply these same arbitrary circumstances to Christian radio, and it
>is obvious why other religions shouldn't/wouldn't air with them. It would
>very simply be out of the format for the station.
>     The support base for any station comes from listeners who agree with
>the station format, listen and support advertisers, and thereby help to
>continue support for the radio station.This basic principle also applies
>to Christian radio.
>    Programming which is out of format would #1/ not get support, #2/
>drive away supportive listeners, and #3/ skew the format. No secular radio
>outlet would consider airing _anything_ which would confuse the given
>format, and therefore alienate the target audience.
>     Christian broadcasting is not very different. We look for good
>quality programming, whether music or talk, and seek to fill a given niche
>via a predesignated format. This is the exact same principle that every
>secular broadcaster uses.
>     This is not really a discussion about religion, it is a discussion
>about good business principles. Wise radio professionals would work
>diligently to assure the highest quality programming and format available,
>and Christian broadcasters, at least most, attempt to do the same. Those
>who do not, just as in secular radio, will "die a slow painful death", and
>you will find their stations available for sale, airing lower and lower
>quality programs just for cash flow, and will evemntually be sold or go
>     Expecting stations who have chosen to air a Christian format,
>servicing a given Christian listening audience, to air Muslim, or any
>other religins programming, would be exactly the same as asking Jam'n to
>play Englebert Humperdink.....it just don't Fit!

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