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Subject: Re: Roby Young

[Is there any truth with messages stating that Roby Young passed away
last week?] 

 Yes, according to several post I read, The Big Kahuna passed away last
week, several days short of what would have been his 55th birthday 
(Friday). Cause was reportedly a heart attack.

[ He was the jock that had gotten fired years ago at 77-WABC for his
Pearl Harbor Birthday crack.]

 That was another DJ, somewhat before I began listening in 1967. The
reason for the firing was that he allegedly mentioned Pearl Harbor - or
the dropping of the A-bomb - something like that, and followed with an
inappropriate song like "Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby." As I said, it was
before I began listening to Musicradio 77 WABC. The jock in question may
, MAY have been Bob Dayton. That name rings a bell in conjunction with
the story.
 Roby Yonge was fired about the time the rumor got started about Paul
McCartney supposedly being dead. One of the threads then going round was
that Paul had been replaced by (are you ready for this?) Bob Dylan.
 I was listening the night he was taken off. He had been on from 1 to 3
pm, after Ron Lundy and before "Big Dan" Ingraham, then was moved to
overnight after, I believe, Charlie Greer left. Exactly what led to his
removal is something I'm not clear about, although in his book Rick
Sklar said that early that morning he received a call from someone at
the station who said that Yonge was going on and on about McCartney. (I
understand what happened next was) Sklar had Les Marchak meet him at the
station, put him on the air from a standby studio, and with station
security went into the main studio and told Yonge he had been taken off
the air. Yonge took it very well and left with no problem. 
 The McCartney story was interesting in its time and there seemed to be
enough evidence to make it worth investigating. At least one of the
posts mentioned that Yonge was very interested in the occult so it might
have been rather important to him.         

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