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Subject: towers

Being on this list is having a bad effect on me.  I have never been
terribly interested in tower locations, but yesterday I was driving
through Brewer, Maine on I-395 and noticed two towers that appeared to
be AM towers.  I was looking at them and wondering what station they
were for and I missed my exit!  Well, at least I'm not wandering around
at night running into cows.

Does anyone know who the AM towers in Brewer would be for?  I have to
assume they were for the dark WNSW Brewer (if I am correct they are AM
towers) because the towers for WZON and WABI are in Bangor.

I also think I went by the tower for the new station going on in
Dennysville, Maine when I was taking a short cut down a back road today.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine

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