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Re: Lowell Folk Festival

> This is the first year I can remember (and I've been going to the
> festival since '91) that WCAP has actually broadcast it live!  In
> prior years, it was kind of embarrassing (especially when I was
> a WCAP employee :-) to hear WLLH, WJUL, and WGBH all out there live
> while we were running "On the Road" with Jeff Brooks...
> And no, the distance factor kept me away this year.  Maybe in '98...
> -s

You are right, sir.  The station had some previous attempts at simply
parking the mobile studio, a huge (really) GMC mobile home that fits a
family of eight pumping air monitor and interviewing passersby.  This yr.
they parked the mobile unit at JFK plaza/city hall (easily dwarfing any
other facilities with calls) to bcast that stage and also set up a second
RPU/team at Boarding House park.  

I recall many a remote from that studio.  They have these four directional
loudspeakers on the roof that, when set to about 4/10 on the amp, aimed at
the same direction, can actually cause damage to neighborhood buildings ...