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Re: FCC report

Dan Strassberg wrote:
>Did you notice the consistent misspelling of mezzanene as mezzanine? I
>wonder if the corporate name is misspelled or whether this is an error in
>the FCC records. Well, now when WXKS forgets to cut power at sunset, we can
>say "what do you expect of an owner that doesn't even know how to spell its
>own name?" And what IS the mezzanene (or mezzanine) in this case? Are all of
>these business deals being made in some old movie theater? Mezzanenes kind
>of went out with the music they play on WXKS (AM).

       I recently learned that an obscure business use of mezzanine is
"mezzanine financing," referring to financing provided to business
enterprises that are beyond the start-up financing stage but not yet at the
large-capital stage. Perhaps it was taken from that.
        In the case of WXKS, perhaps they could use mezzanine financing to
purchase a warning system to remind them to reduce power at sunset. It
could use one of those light sensors like the ones used in street lights,
mounted on the roof, so that as dusk approached it would set off a siren.
Come to think of it, a lot of stations could use those now. You'd want to
have an interlock so the siren could not be silenced until they actually
reduced the power / changed the pattern.