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RE: Hello and Help!

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, MATT   SOBOLEWSKI wrote:

> The calls for the Newburyport station actually changed twice. The 
> frequency was changed once as well.  The original WNBP was a daytimer 
> on 1470 built in 1957 by Ted Feinstein of WLYN.  In 1984 the station 
> became WCEA and moved to 1450.  In 1987 when the station was bought 
> by Ted Larson formerly of WBZ... (aka Thorvold Lorentzen)... the 
> calls were changed to WNCG.  In 1991 the calls were returned to WNBP 
> by present owner Win Damon.    

WNBP is a logical call for a Newburyport station.  I can't imagine what
those other calls stood for. 

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