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On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Sorry, Donna; it doesn't speak to the subject! The issue is whether the WLAW
> AM _license_ was transferred to Diehm along with the lease for the WLAW
> Boston studios and the WNAC TX. All that _could_ have happened and yet be
> consistent with the Rogers family completely exiting from radio. The issue
> is whether the AM license went back to the FCC along with the FM license, or
> was transferred to a new licensee, presumably for cash. In those days, AM
> licenses (even ones for relatively underpowered stations like 1260) were
> worth sums that were considered princely.

Yes, that's the issue.  But for it to have happened that way, the license
would have had to be transferred from Lawrence to Boston, from 680 to
1260, and from the Rogers family to Diehm, and still be considered the
same license.  The way bureaucracies like the FCC work, I'd say it was
more likely that a new license for 1260 was issued.

But I suspect the only way we can find out is if there's anything in the
FCC records. 

Come to think of it, another possibility might be Broadcasting Magazine,
if it existed in those days and tracked license transfers, as it did in
later years.  And if back issues from 1953 can be found somewhere. 

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