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At 11:13 PM 7/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
><<On Tue, 22 Jul 1997 17:47:15 -0400, mwaters@wesleyan.edu (Martin J.
Waters) said:
>>         The nighttime signal of WPZE is very poor. It doesn't cover
>> anything approaching the whole market at night. You can't listen to it
>> driving along big chunks of 128. I'm surprised anyone but religious /
>> ethnic / time broker-type broadcasters would have any interest in it,
>> unless WXKS or WILD wanted to upgrade.
>HOWEVER, if you think about 1260 as a combination play with 1200, it
>makes a lot more sense.  Even an upgraded 1200 signal will be highly
>directional to the east, and adding 1260 to that might make sense from
>the perspective of night-time coverage.
Given the most recent application that Fairbanks filed for WKOX, it makes
even more sense during the day. The proposed night signal from Mt Wayte
(three towers) would just crack 5 mv/m at the waterfront. The day signal
(two towers) sends a decent amount of power to the west (maybe not quite as
much as the current 10 kW ND signal from half-wave towers, but close). As a
result, the day signal at the waterfront would not be quite 4 mV/m. So WPZE,
which has a dynamite signal downtown, would be a perfect complement to WKOX.
And with the adjacent dial positions (forgetting WESX), the combo makes a
lot of sense. Now, if there were only something to program!

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