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Re: Donn Parker / WMEX circa 1960 / and Little Walter

>On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>> When did Larry Justice arrive? In my book, he was the most talented of the
>> "WMEX good guys." I thought he was clever and funny and did very tight
>> production. Same reason I thought so highly of Bruce Bradley during his days
>> at WROW Albany in the 50s. Justice did several dayparts at WMEX. I think
>> that he was doing AM drive immediately before he left the station, but I
>> think I recall him in PM drive and at middays over the years.

I have an article from the Globe's Sunday magazine with a picture of him at
the board on WMEX.  The article was from mid-summer '66, it gave the
impression he'd been there for a while, but of course, by WMEX standards of
the era that could have been a month or 2. :-)