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Re: History Timelines etc

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<< A friend of mine worked on radio in Torrington CT in the early 50s (at
 has since become WSNG). He says that one of the biggest advertisers on the
 station (then a 250W Class IV, that wasn't heard much beyond Torrington and
 neigboring Winsted) was Genesee Beer from Rochester NY. This went on for
 several years--until the beer company found out that it had no distribution
 in northwestern CT. Just goes to show that the public sector doesn't hold a
 monopoly on wasting money. Imagine the scandal this would have caused if,
 instead of a private company, the advertiser had been a public agency. The
 Hartford Courant and the TV stations would probably have had a field day. As
 it was, only a few people ever found out. >>

There is a good reason the press has a field day when a public agency wastes
money: it is our money!  I don't care if a private company wastes money (ande
lots of them do) because I don't have to help pay the bill.  (Unless I'm a

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine