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Re: June 9 1948 Newspapers

On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, 'A. Joseph Ross' wrote:

> > Oh the HERALD could not help by having a story on Sunday June 6, 1948
> > stating that FCC approval was only a short time coming for WHDH-TV Channel
> > 13 (THIRTEEN)....and that a ultra modern television studio has been built
> > at the Payne Building on St. James Ave. (I can hear Donna giggling)
> Channel 13??? 
  That is what was printed in that paper.....plus the annoucement that the
transmitter would be on top of the Hancock tower, which at the time was
Boston's tallest building at 465 feet.

  Of course back in 1948, Channel 13 would have been available in the
Boston market...as television in Maine was still many years away.

  The "curious" thing looking at the papers from June 1948 was how the
whole TV craze was treated. All the papers would happily run ads telling
you where to buy a TV set, but otherwise didn't treat Channel 4 as a big
deal. (The Globe in fact ran a story touting the fact that Channel 7 would
be on in a matter of days)

 The radio log for that day was "interesting"

 WNAC 1260  MBS
 WEEI  590  CBS
 WBZ  1030  NBC
 WCOP 1150  ABC
 WMEX 1510  ABC