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Re: June 9 1948 Newspapers

My apologies-- I was thinking of that other shortwave station.  Of course,
WBZ's shortwave station had its transmitter at Hull along with everything
else that WBZ owned.  Meanwhile, Joe is correct when he gives WNAC's direct
link to WRKO. The WLAW connexion was only to get the 680 frequency, which as
I said in an earlier post, Shepard had wanted since 1928.  WLAW never
broadcast again once WNAC bought them.  They ceased to exist.  And WVDA was
a totally separate issue. It was owned by the late and large Vic Diehm,
formerly of Pennsylvania.  WNAC gave up 1260 gladly, and I assume Vic took
it gladly... (he sold it gladly in 1958, as I recall, having  lost a ton of