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Re: History Timelines etc

Donna Halper wrote:
> Were any of you ever in the studio audience for any of WBZ's
> local kids shows (of which they had quite a few)? 

I should start by saying 'Hello' since this is my first post to the
list. (I've been lurking for just a couple of days.) 

I was never on (just a hair too young for that), but my girlfriend's
father appeared as a regular for the last few WBZ years of "Boomtown" as
"Uncle Sam" (of Uncle Sam's Love-Thy-Neighbor Ragtime Band). As a
result, my girlfriend can claim that she appeared on the show (at
somewhere around just four months old.) Incidentally, if any of you ever
see the 60's/70's cover band "Class of '66" playing around Boston & the
North Shore, you'll see the former 'Uncle Sam'- Sam Donato; he's the
lead singer.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rex Trailer at 'Midsummer Night'
in Wakefield about a month or so ago; he did a stage show with a live
band, performing the Boomtown theme, kids' songs, etc. He mentioned from
the stage how funny it is to watch his audience- (I'm paraphrasing him
here)- thirty to fifty year old clapping and singing along with old
Boomtown songs while the children and grandchildren look around saying
"Who _is_ this guy and why is Mommy acting like... me?"

- -TC

TC Cheever * Chaos Theory
Original Sketch Comedy    ...and Stuff.