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Re: towers

In a message dated 97-07-10 12:44:28 EDT, you write:

<< There were two towers on Route 1 in Brewer and those belonged to then-
 WABI at 910 (I believe). These were on the south side of the road, back
 in a kind of park but close enough to the road that you could see them
 "right up-close like". 
  I haven't been to Maine in twenty years and much has changed so I'm not
 sure by your description just where the towers are. I don't know where
 395 is; the last I recall is knowing how to go from Bangor to Brewer by
 route of the old bridge (north) or the "new" bridge (south) but both
 roads led, I believe, to what was then Route 1, as I knew it. (Help from
 any Mainers?) The towers/transmitter were near the intersection of the
 older route into Route 1, and somewhat east of a roller skating rink.
  I'm new to boston-radio-interest ao I don't know if this will go to you
 or to the list. If it go directly to you, please re-route to the list,
 and I'll fine tune my address list. 
  73,  Bob  KA3ZCI >>

I-395 is the route over the south bridge, which is now one of three bridges
with the opening of a new bridge this month.  I-395 because Route 1-A which
goes down to Ellsworth.  The towers I saw were the WABI towers that you

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine