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Re: License plates

At 06:28 PM 7/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>As several denizens of this list know, my car bore the 990 WBZ plates
>for the last month that I was a Massachusetts resident, thanks to
>the thoughtful assistance of some friends at the Registry.
>I will leave it as a trivia contest for the group to see who can be
>the first to tell me why the 990 is significant :-)
>Now I have New York M-401, which is distinctive but lacks the 
>historical resonance.
I debated with myself whether to spoil the fun. I think everyone on this
list knows that WBZ was on 990 until NARBA (3/29/41). However, here's one I
can't answer but maybe you can, Scott--when did WBZ move TO 990?

BTW, contrary to an earlier post of mine, WBZ's towers are more than 1/4
wavelength apart at 1030; they are 1/4 wavelength apart at 990. This puts
the lie to my theory that, when the Hull facility was constructed,
Westinghouse knew the frequency to which NARBA would move the station.

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